According to the original prospectus for the Oriental Club, qualifications for Membership included serving under the King or the East India Company, living or travelling in the East or being in some way officially connected to ‘that quarter of the globe’. Two hundred years of distinguished dignitaries, returning servicemen and civil servants, those who had ridden elephants and dined with Indian princes have shared good times and confidences in the Dining Room and Members’ Bar of the Oriental Club.

Membership Criteria

The Club is proud of its origins and many Members still have connections with the Orient, but the Membership is much broader these days and, in fact, you will find that the Club is home to Members with many diverse views. Those who live or work near the Club and those who simply want to make use of the Oriental Club’s fantastic location and wonderful facilities are welcomed.   

Reciprocal Clubs

Membership of the Oriental Club provides the impressive Clubhouse close to Bond Street and all the facilities within it. Membership also grants access to Reciprocal Clubs around the world so that whenever you travel you will be assured a warm welcome.

Club Facilities

The Club still thrives on the strength and character of its Membership, but also on the advantage of its location and facilities. The Oriental Club is an impressive venue for entertaining, a peaceful home-from-home in Central London for those seeking a quiet breather in their day, a business facilitator and a convivial setting for catching up with old friends and meeting new ones.

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Did you know?

Membership records of The Oriental Club in the early days were curious to say the least. Several officers and peers were rebuffed when they returned triumphant from the East to what they thought would be a glorious welcome, only to find out that they were not Members after all.

Others were astonished to be asked for fees when they’d never applied. One man, entertained at the Club by a friend in the strangers’ room was utterly delighted to find, all unknowingly, that he had been a Member for years. Some ‘Members’ were found to have never existed as their names had been misread on the proposal list and granted a Membership. Thankfully, things are a lot more organised today.

Membership at The Oriental Club London